Specialty Products

Foley Products Company offers several unique specialty items and the ability to produce custom precast products for your specific project.

DOT Specific Products:

Foley Products Company is an approved manufacture for Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee Department of Transportations.  In addition to standard manholes and reinforced concrete pipe, Foley offers state specific products:

Transition Bases:

Foley Products Company offers a transition base system for your sanitary sewer outfall system.  Transition bases offer an efficient system that minimizes the manhole structure size while providing an integral invert.  Transition bases are offered for 30” thru 54” pipe sizes and work for Ductile Iron, Hobas and PVC pipes.  Boot connections allow 3 different angle configurations to handle your projects layout.

Sanitary Sewer Piers:

Foley Products Company offers a standard sanitary sewer precast pier design; however, we can custom design a solution for your project if necessary.

HDPE Liners:

Foley Products Company is an approved supplier for the HDPE liner system (AGRU America).  An HDPE liner offers maximum protection from the damaging effects of hydrogen sulfide gas and sulfuric acids.  AGRU Sure Grips resist liner delamination and various welding options ensure complete protection.