Reinforced Elliptical Concrete Pipe

  • Available in elliptical designs equivalent from 15” thru 60” in Class III thru VI
  • Special designs available

Reinforced Concrete Elliptical Pipe (Elliptical) is available to design engineers for areas where various constraints may prohibit the use of standard RCP.  Elliptical pipe is available in both horizontal and vertical applications and each option provides the same wall thickness. Horizontal Elliptical pipe is available in Class A thru Class IV designs and Vertical Elliptical pipe is available in Class II thru Class VI.  Vertical Elliptical pipe is only available in 36” thru 60” sizes.

Design engineers will often specify Elliptical pipe in areas of rehab that require additional flow area, in areas with extreme height or width restrictions, or areas with existing utility conflicts.

While the Elliptical shape does provide some structural design benefit, conventional round pipe (RCP) is the most cost-effective solution for most applications.