Foley Products Company has partnered with a select group of highly efficient national treatment technologies.  From the beginning, we evaluate the very specific nature of your project’s plan so that we can design and specify equipment accordingly to the pollutant of concern, or TSS (total suspended solid) percentage you are trying to pull from the storm runoff.  Having multiple nationally approved technologies, Foley Products Company can deliver the most economical solution for your project.


Storm Water Treatment

  • Hydrodynamic Separation / 50-80% TSS Removal / Precast Manholes 48” to 144”
  • Hydrodynamic Separation / 50-80% TSS Removal / Precast Vaults 4’ x 6’ to 10’ x 20’
  • Membrane Filtration / 80% + TSS Removal / Precast Vaults 4’ x 4’ to 10’ x 20’
  • BioFiltration / 80% + TSS Removal / Precast Vaults 4’ x 4’ to 10’ x 20’

Separation Units

CrystalClean Separator

CrystalClean Separator

CrystalClean technology is an effective pre-treatment system that controls trash, debris, accidental spills, and will remove 89% of all solids that reach the device. This CrystalClean separator can treat water quality flows from 0.4 to 7.2 cfs and stay in line for maximum flows of 2 to 36 cfs over the range of models.



  • ASTM C478/AASHTO M199 – Standard Specification for Circular Precast Reinforced Concrete Manhole Sections
  • ASTM C858 – Standard Specification for Underground Precast Concrete Utility Structures
  • ASTM C913 – Standard Specification for Precast Concrete Water and Wastewater Structures
  • ASTM C990 – Standard Specification for Joints for Concrete Pipe, Manholes, and Precast Box Sections Using Preformed Flexible Joint Sealants