Project: Bullseye Center

Location: 2030 Rosa Parks BLVD., Nashville, TN

Civil Engineer: Kimley-Horn, Nashville, TN


  • BioClean’s KRAKEN Membrane Filter Stormwater Quality Unit
  • Total Treatment Flow: 2.27 CFS
  • Precast Vault: 17 x 8 x 7
  • Total Flow Rate 1020 GPM
  • 120 Membrane Filter Cartridges


KRAKEN is the only Metro Nashville Stormwater unit approved for “in-line” use. With NJCAT & NJDEP certifications as well as Washington TAPE/GULD approvals, KRAKEN allows for high flow rates and maximum surface area, while keeping maintenance costs extremely low. Each membrane cartridge is lightweight, washable, reusable, and more sustainable than typical granular-filled media cartridges.

The most cost-competitive 80% Filter SWQU on the market!