Project: Auto Mall of Georgia

Contractor: Blair Construction


Precast storm structures and 84” of reinforced concrete pipe.
The structures in the photos are precast 10’ x 6’ precast structures. Precast is the product of choice over conventional poured in place concrete. Foley’s precast structures are manufactured in a manufacturing facility conforming to ASTM and AASHTO Standards. Quality control on concrete and steel makes it a precise product unlike the alternative of forming, tying steel, and pouring a structure in place in the ditch. Foley Products excels in this type of custom precast fabrication. Square or rectangular shapes are too numerous to list but begin as small as 22” x 22” and grow to 96” x 192”. That’s not all…Foley can modular form precast structures… “Super Vaults” to nearly any size that can be safely shipped and installed. All precast structures are designed to meet varying load requirements required by interstate, aircraft or railroad specifications. Different applications require different product features.

The following extra features are also available:

  • Precast invert channels
  • Flexible pipe to manhole connectors
  • Custom pipe hole openings
  • Custom tops
  • Protective linings and admixtures