Thank you for your interest in hauling for Foley Products Company.  Our line of business is precast concrete pipe and precast concrete structures. Our loads require no tarps, only chains, binders, edge protectors, and proper dunnage. Our loads are typically less than 150 miles; however, on occasion, we do go further.  As detailed in our rate template, we would like to have rates quoted in 25-mile bands up to 100 miles and then a point-to-state rate per mile for loads over 100 miles.  If you feel more comfortable with another rating format, please feel free to offer that pricing as well.  Carrier applications returned without rates will not be considered.

Below is our basic carrier application so that we can setup your company within our system.

Please send the completed application as well as your rates and a copy of an insurance certificate, naming Foley Products Company as a certificate holder to our Director of Logistics, Keith Bodiford at kbodiford@foleyproducts.com, so we can get started on the approval process.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding our transportation needs, we look forward to working with you.

Download a detailed carrier form here or fill the form online.

For general inquiries, fill out the form below: